Fitness, Moving Meditation, Empowerment & Creative Expression through Hoop-Dance

 I teach Hoop-Dance as a Movement Practice with never-ending potential for growth and connection to yourself and others. Some of the many benefits:

*Expressive movement while strengthening and toning the body
*Quiets the mind
*Enhances creative expression
*Encourages playfulness, generates joy, ignites laughter
*Promotes flexibility, circulation and hand/eye coordination
*Engages the entire body while supporting emotional and mental health with a safe container of a hoop


 Friday Morning Hoop-Dance: 6 years of movement

Live Oak Community Center, Berkeley
Fridays, 9-10:15am, all are welcome, and hoops provided

Hoop Dance with Kaye on Fridays is the perfect way to start out my weekends.  The class is a great blend of fun, exercise, relaxation, and joy. Kaye creates a warm atmosphere which lets us try new things without feeling worried.   Kaye is great at teaching at all levels and finds just the right challenge every week while being supportive and helping me consolidate, learn, or master something every week.  It’s a highlight of my week!”~abby


See you on the dance floor!
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