I found hooping in 2008 and never looked back. I experience hoop-dance as a movement practice, with never ending potential for growth. I have found that hooping not only benefits the physical body, but helps with personal growth and emotional healing.  The hoop is a tool for fitness, creative expression, moving meditation, and has endless lessons to teach that can be transferred into our lives outside the hoop.

Combining hooping with over 15 years as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), I offer hoop workshops to mental health agencies, residential treatment programs, special education classrooms and youth organizations, and implement hoop-dance into my clinical work with both children and adults. I am also now a student at the Tamalpa Institute, a 3 year program in movement-based expressive arts therapy.

I currently teach weekly classes through the City of Berkeley, and workshops at the Berkeley Yoga Center. For 6 years I’ve taught at Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp and and led workshops Hoop Camp for 3 years. I teach hooping to children in schools, at camps, and during after-school programs.

I am grateful to be able to share the benefits of hoop-dance with my students, and to keep learning from so many amazing hoop teachers who are among us. I live in Berkeley  with my twin daughters, and pit-bull, Charlee Bear.


Founder & Lead Hooper, Hoop Power
Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 15 years experience working with children and adults.


Parent/Child Hoop Workshops
Beginning Hoop-Dance—Berkeley Yoga Center
Transitions in Hoop-Dance-BYC
Hooping Forward–Using Hoop-Dance as a Tool for Personal Growth—Hoop Camp 2011
Hoop-Dance Therapy—Hoop Camp 2012
Exploring the Upper Body: A Shoulder and Chest Hooping Intensive
Teaching Hooping to Kids–Hoop Camp 2013
Grounding, Focus and Flow: Supporting our Mental and Emotional Health with Hoop-Dance–Hoop Camp 2013
Intro to Hoop-Dance and Hoop-Dance for Authentic Movement, Meditation and Art/Live Connection–Northern California Dance Collective’s Summer Dance Camp 2015


Oxford Elementary School Harvest Fair
Jefferson Elementary School
World of Peace Summer Day Camp
City of Berkeley Slow Food Eat In
Black Pine Circle School Auction and Party
City of Berkeley Summer Kick-off
Our Family Coalition’s Family Night at the YMCA
Park Day School’s Spring Festival
Spice of Life Festival, Berkeley
New Highland Academy Healthy Family Night
Bayfest Berkeley
Kensington Elementary Spring Carnival
Rosa Parks Elementary Spring Carnival
Family Pathways, Staff Party
IGNITE Oakland—New Business Expo
Radio Disney Summer Camp, Danville
Willard Middle School Spring Day
Berkeley Sunday Streets
Berkeley World Music Festival


Teaching Experience


Hooping Workshops and Classes at Jefferson Elementary , Oxford Elementary, Arroyo High School, Thousand Oaks Elementary, Chabot and Kensington Elementary schools
Children’s Hoop Class—Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp
Hoop Workshop for Albany Middle School—special needs classroom
Parent/Child HoopWorkshops
Special Needs Hoop Workshop—Arroyo High School, San Lorenzo
Albany YMCA, Hoop Camp for Kids–2011, 2012, 2013


City of Berkeley Parks and Recreation Department, Live Oak Community Center, Berkeley
Kensington Community Center
Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp
Berkeley Yoga Center: Yoga and Hooping for the Body and Mind– with Melanie Green,
Workshops and Series at The Works Dance Studio, Berkeley
Ah-Lan Dance Studio, El Cerrito
World Hoop Day, Oakland
Various small group and private classes