Hoop-Dance Classes for Adults



Weekly Classes & Monthly Workshops


Weekly Classes: Live Oak Community Center
1301 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
Fridays, 8:45am-10am
On-Going, All-Levels Hoop-Dance Classes in the East Bay – We start again in Sept and dance til June 2018!!
First class $10, $15.00 drop-in, or $52.00 for 4 classes. In its 8th year, this Hoop-Dance class combines fitness, creative expression, dance and fun! Using a hoop as a tool and a toy, we explore movement and quiet the mind. This is an all-levels class, beginners and drop-ins welcome. Hoops available for class.

Workshops: Berkeley Yoga Center

Transitions in Hoop-Dance: February 6,13 and 20. Tuesdays, 6-7pm 

Contact Kaye to bring these and other workshops to you:

Hoop-Dance as a Movement Practice: The Basics and Beyond
In these beginning-level workshops, you’ll learn the fundamentals of hoop-dance, as well as transitions to bring the hoop on and off the body. Kaye will also introduce you to the use of hoop-dance for both fitness and meditation. No experience required, hoops available for use and purchase.

Hoop-Dance for Authentic Movement, Meditation and Art/Life Connection
Hoop-Dance can have a profound effect on our bodies, minds and spirits when we are able to move and dance authentically. In these all-levels workshops, we’ll explore hooping in the framework of authentic movement, as well as the meditative aspects of hooping. Using movement, drawing and discussion, we’ll connect movement to our lives outside the hoop/dance, and tap into our innate creative expression.