What students say


“Kaye is an amazing hoop dancer, but her understanding of the emotional and spiritual needs of her students is really what sets her apart. Her classes are a safe place to learn and move and to know that you will be accepted as you are. Kaye understands that not all people come to hooping totally comfortable with their body and movement and she teaches you in small steps that are accessible to you. She also teaches a class with a variety of levels of hoopers where everyone learns something new and even the beginners never feel left out or that they are not good enough to be there. I would say Kaye’s classes focus on fun, learning new skills, and promoting body acceptance.”
-Rev. Katie M., Richmond

“Kaye is a breath of fresh air. I wanted to try something new and Kaye’ hoop dance class was welcoming, fun, and made me break a sweat! She inspires brand new hoopers to learn as well as experienced ones. I’ve been attending her classes for almost 3 years and I am still learning new moves and having fun.”
– Laura Heath, Kensington

“Kaye came to my kindergarten class for an afternoon hooping class. The class began with guidelines to help everyone stay respectful, responsible and safe with their hoops, followed by a warm-up, stretching and a team work game. Kaye then gave clear and developmentally appropriate directions to my students about Hula Hooping. She managed my class of kindergardeners effortlessly while giving them a lot of positive reinforcement. They were so happy and completely in their element! At the end, Kaye cranked up the music and it was a hooping party! During this workshop, my students gained self confidence and experienced something new and challenging. Best of all, I saw HUGE smiles and heard lots of laughter. I strongly recommend Kaye’s hooping classes to teachers or to anybody who works with children.”
—Renee Harris, Kindergarten Teacher, Berkeley

“My experience of Kaye’s “Hooping Forward” workshop was unique in the lineup of classes and workshops I have taken across the country. Kaye’s focus on how our hooping touches muscle memories and can strengthen personal goals reinforces the beauty of this activity in our lives.
Jan M Camp, author of Hoopdance Revolution

“Our afterschool Girls Club had the privilege of experiencing Kaye’s three-part Hula Hoop workshop. Twenty-five 4th and 5th Grade girls spent three weeks getting to know Hula Hoops, and in turn, themselves and each other, like they never had before. Each girl was lucky enough to pick her own hoop, choose how she wanted to decorate it, and make it into something of her own. Kaye led the girls in group communication activities, icebreakers, and collaborative exercises that enhanced our Girls Club goal of learning how to work together in a respectful and empathic manner. Throughout the three weeks, Kaye was unrelentingly patient, positive and enthusiastic. It was contagious-all of our girls loved the workshop and are so proud of their hoops!”
—Rachel Williams, OASIS Afterschool, Oxford Elementary School, Berkeley